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Where Functionality Meets Quality

Who we are

Fly Furniture is a small, family owned, manufacturing company located in Midway, AR. All of our items are made in house, by hand. We are proud to say all of our product is made 100% in America. Most of the items in our shop are wood, made from oak and fine walnut. We choose these materials because they are stable and hard, not too heavy, and extremally durable.  The dense material has a long life and is resistant to decay. Walnut has increased in popularity because of its unique grain characteristics and varying color.

Our aim is to create attractive, quality products to make your fly-tying process much easier and more enjoyable. Keep your tying area organized with one of our storage solutions or tie up your next fly using our custom fully functional rotary vise. Whatever your needs are we have what you are looking for.

We have ambitious goals to make fly furniture a household name in the Fly-Fishing world. We currently sell oak products in partnership with Wapsi, Bass Pro, and Cabella's, to name a few. Browse their selection if you are after a lighter colored wood than what we offer here.

Follow us on social media for behind-the-scenes photos of our products and facility. 

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