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Mayfly 2B Vise

Mayfly 2B Vise




The Mayfly 2B Vise is a functional solution for any fly tying table. The Vise Original is the base version of the Mayfly A2, B2, and C2 vices. Made with a durable all metal contruction, this vise come with the pedestal base with attached socket and an aluminum stem mechanism with adjustable jaw for a verity of hook sizes. This is a true totary vise that can rotate continuously while maintaining the hook shank at or near the center line of rotation. Tying materials are easily & quickly wound onto the hook by rotating the handle. The result - consistently better looking flies in less time. The Mayfly jaw can be locked in any position for use as a normal fixed jaw vise, or to inspect the back or underside of the fly, by simply tightening the thumbscrew on the bearing block.

Made in USA.

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